Quick Update!

Quick Update!

Hello! I know, it’s been a while. I’ve had a hell of a year. First, let me address the obvious changes here: ads. Yes, I have enabled ads on this site. It’s been six years of free content and ad-free pages, but in order for me to keep this blog going, it has to at least pay for its own hosting. I’ve done my best to make them as non-intrusive as I can, but it does help me when you click on them. It’s an easy and free way to help me out.

I’ve also added a new page, “Link Boutique!” Please check it out. Not only is this where I’m adding links to books and other blogs and sources that I think are valuable, but the Amazon links are affiliate, so if you buy one of those AMAZING BOOKS, you’ll not only be helping those AMAZING AUTHORS, but also Amazon throws a couple of pennies my way, and they add up. Keep checking this page, as I will be updating it regularly. 

And if you’re wanting another way to support the blog directly, click the “Buy Me A Coffee” link to go to my Ko-Fi page.

But, Where Have I Been?

Now that that’s out of the way, where have I been? I’ve been dealing with life and death. Some of you are aware that my sister died by suicide almost a year ago. I’ve been dealing with that. I was able to bring her remains to Scotland this spring though, so she is at rest and so am I.

I will share some of my Scotland adventures! I stayed in Skye and Edinburgh and loved it.

I’ve also been on TikTok. It was an accident, but like most things in my life, the Good Folk took over, and Doom Fairy was born. There is a link in the Link Boutique page at the bottom to check that out. It’s snarky humor about fairies.

And I’ve created a new blog that is more alternative fashion and lifestyle-oriented. Blythe’s Reverie is meant to be a space for me to share my aesthetic. This includes fashion, lifestyle, tips, and maybe even some rants! It’s kind of what The Raven and The Lotus was originally supposed to be before the Good Folk took over. It’s new, but go check it out and give it some love if it’s something you like! 

With the addition of Blythe’s Reverie and ads on The Raven and The Lotus, I feel like writing for this blog isn’t taking too much attention away from making an income. Times are tough for everyone, but I miss writing regularly, and this way I feel like it’s also giving back to my life in a way that I really need. 

It’s nice to be back, and I missed you! So has Tadhg, he’ll be back too. 

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