Update: I am Home

Update: I am Home

Once again, it has been a while! And my posts may still be a bit spotty for a while, but I have the best excuse ever.


That’s right. I’m living in Ireland, where I belong. I still have to make one trip back to the States, and then I’m back here for good. 

I’m by the sea, there are castles everywhere, rainbows every day (because rain every day!) and the biggest culture shock of all— neighbors. 

Actual neighbors and community that look out for each other. I am not used to this. At most, I’ve had one neighbor who will look out for packages or water some plants, but that’s about it. I’ve had to completely readjust my levels of suspicion to be more appropriate. People are genuine and friendly here, and they know what’s going on. I’m very used to being more anonymous, so this will take some getting used to, but it’s nice to be seen, it’s nice that people want to know who I am, and it’s nice to be accepted even if I’m a little odd American. 

Dublin Castle on a rainy fall day.

The Good Folk

Since being here, I have reconnected with several of Themselves, but in a difficult way to write about because it isn’t very exciting. I’ve reached a place in my connection where They are a normal part of my life, and the levels of high strangeness are less high, I guess. (Even if they would still be considered strange to other people.) This doesn’t mean that profound and exciting interactions are gone, it’s just that there is less need for that. Or, I’m acclimated to it and it just feels normal to me now. I’m not sure. 

I have felt Them on walks, and have more interactions with the local crows that are just outside the realm of “normal” crow behavior. It is easy to connect with Tadhg. Not that it was difficult in the States unless I was very stressed, but it’s effortless here because this is where he IS and it’s so much easier to bridge any gaps. 

I am reconnecting with the ocean and swimming in the sea. The water is so cold it hurts right now, but that hasn’t stopped me. Did I mention I walk by a castle on my way to the beach? That’s a thing in my life now.

Balbriggan beach at low tide.

Settling In

I’m still settling in, and that will take a while. But, I’m here. I’ll have much more access to places and resources, and I want to take advantage of that. What I’d like to know from you is: what would you like to see more of in this blog? Leave me a comment to let me know!

And if you’re not following me on my Instagram, or following Doom Fairy, then you’re missing out on more of what I’m up to.

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