What is The Raven and The Lotus?

Like the Raven, this blog is curious about many things, loves collecting information and shiny bits, and is steeped in magic. “When magic is near, the raven appears!” – proverb

Like the Lotus, this blog has a transcendental approach that is open, accepting, and seeks to elevate moods and minds. “May I live like the lotus— at ease in muddy water.” – proverb

Who Am I?

My name is Blythe and I have been practicing magic for as long as I can remember. I practice what I’m calling Bhakti Magick. Bhakti is a Sanskrit word meaning service with loving devotion. Bhakti Magick is my way of making my spiritual path the central focus of all of my magic, and I practice with love and in service of my God and Goddess. My spiritual path is in the Vedic tradition, but my heritage is Celtic. Nature and folklore inform how I connect to the material world. I believe that magic and meditation can inform and deepen any spiritual path and be a powerful tool for personal growth. It is my hope that this blog will inspire and uplift, and encourage people to seek their truth.

This blog is part journal, and part magical resource. This is a place where I can share insights I’ve gained, tools I use, creative projects, my outdoor adventures, and provide useful tips and advice. You can come here, like an eclectic tea and book shop (bring your own tea!), hang out, read about lots of topics, do a tutorial, and if you’re interested in something particular, I might even have it in my shop. It’s up to you!

The Fairies Have Taken Over

Since about 2017, I have had several life experiences that have altered the course of this blog. Basically, the fairies took over! I now write mostly with a specific focus on fairy lore, personal experiences with my Aos Sídhe partner and occasionally a few others, and how this change has affected my life. There is still general magic stuff, but this blog has evolved and grown over the years, as have I.

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However, I will never promote anything I wouldn’t use myself. I currently live where it isn’t as easy to get magical supplies locally as I would like. I know that others also may not have easy local access to what they need, or might not know what to look for, so if I find things online that work, I will happily share that information! If you click through the link and end up making a purchase, I may receive a commission.

Thank you for visiting!

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