A Holiday Treat! List of Resources and Fairy Folklore Creators

A Holiday Treat! List of Resources and Fairy Folklore Creators

Happy holidays! 

I’ve made a list of some excellent resources for you to check out and follow if you aren’t already. Some are heavier on folklore; others are creative works and/or shops based on interaction with folklore and personal experience. All of these creators are native participants OR are engaging from a non-colonial perspective. You ABSOLUTELY can connect with a culture you were not raised in IF you do so respectfully, and these creators do that. So, without further ado and with best holiday wishes, here are some great sites to check out (Bonus! They all have free content, and paid content is more than affordable):

*Any Amazon links are affiliate links, so if you click on them and buy something, I get a little bit from Amazon’s end. It helps me keep this blog going!

Blogs, Books, and Music, Oh, My!

Seo Helrune’s blog is a beautiful mix of folklore and elf-lore with plenty of personal experiences and practical wisdom. There is also a “Links” section that highlights other creators.

Living Liminally is Morgan Daimler’s blog. I know they are removing a lot of content due to having work stolen (there’s a lot of that going around,) but some resources are still available. Alternatively, you can support Morgan’s Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/morgandaimler) for $1 a month and have access to much more. They are one of the people I go to the most for sources, translations, and personal experience.

View of Vestrahorn Mountain in Iceland from Stoksnes Beach
Say hi to the huldufólk of Iceland!

Speaking Starlight is a blog written by a friend who focuses on personal accounts and experiences with the Daoine Mhaith. It still has plenty of references to folklore which keeps it grounded. I never get tired of reading it.

Thunder Witch of the Woods is “A Germanic and Slavic Polytheist Blog” full of stories, book reviews, folklore, poetry, and experience.

Whispers in the Twilight is a beautiful mix of fairy lore from Irish, Romanian, and Norse/Germanic cultures. Its author, Daniela Simina, also has a book coming out through Pagan Portals that you can preorder “Where Fairies Meet.”

7 Serendipities is a blog, shop, and divination site. There is folklore, Irish paganism, tarot, and many other great things.

Gentraige, Goltraige, and Súantraige is a new album based on the three strains found in Irish music: joyful, sorrowful, and sleep. You can find more folklore-inspired music and video on the creator’s channel, Fae By Nature.

Irish Pagan School is one of my most recommended resources for anyone wanting to connect with Irish culture, lore, and practice. Some courses are free, scholarships are available, and paid courses are affordable. I will hear no argument on this. I paid over $100k for my education; this school provides all I learned and more. If you’re seeking knowledge, go here. The courses are taught by native Irish (or Irish-adjacent) experts in their field.

Ogham Academy, also run by Lora O’Brien, is a resource for learning about and connecting with the Ogham. 


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