What’s the Point of Using a Pendulum? Top 10 Reasons

What’s the Point of Using a Pendulum? Top 10 Reasons

The point! Pendulums! Get it? Ahahaha! …Ok, it’s a good thing I can make myself laugh since I’m probably the only one who did. 🙂

Seriously, though, pendulums are awesome and if you’ve never tried working with one before, I’m going to give you some good reasons to sway (oooh! There I go again…) your mind, some tips on using a pendulum, what kind to use, and where you can find some (and how to make your own!)

First, what’s a pendulum? Simply put, it’s a weight that swings from a string or chain and can be used to dowse information and answer questions. It’s that simple but very powerful.

assortment of pendulums, crystal pendulum, silver pendulum, simple pendulum
Here’s a collection of some of my pendulums.

Here is a collection of some of my pendulums. Some I made, some I found in my travels, some I got online.

Why are Pendulums so great?

I could go on for days about this, but I’ll spare you and give you a short list instead:
1) It’s a clear, easy way to calm and center your focus, and receive a direct answer from your higher consciousness.
2) With practice, you can instantly put yourself in a receptive or meditative state of mind.
3) Pendulums allow you to take a minute or even a few seconds to consider a decision, so you don’t make snap decisions you regret later.
4) You can dowse with a pendulum to find answers, look for lost objects, and even decide which meal to order at a restaurant.
5) You can use a pendulum to dowse for health or illness in your body or in someone else’s (even pets!)
6) Pendulums are great for yes and no answers, but you can get more direct and specific answers as well by using a board.
7) Pendulums can help you decide what you really want.
8) Working with pendulums strengthens your intuitive awareness.
9) You don’t need anything fancy. In fact, with practice, you can use just your body as a pendulum.
10) Pendulums can be a very discreet way to dowse for answers that won’t get you funny looks in public.
BONUS!  You can make your own out of just about anything!

Tips for Using a Pendulum

Pendulums require a focused and receptive state of mind. You might want a particular answer, but you have to allow for any answer. To begin, take a deep breath and hold the pendulum lightly by the end with your dominant hand. It helps to prop your elbow on something but isn’t necessary. You can also hold your other palm flat under the pendulum.

Next, attune yourself to the pendulum by asking it to show you what a “yes” looks like. Note the direction of the swing. Then do the same for “no” and “maybe/need more info.” Test by asking a few simple questions, like “Is my favorite color blue?” I don’t do this every time. I do it when I get a new pendulum or if I notice one of mine seems to be swinging irregularly. That can be a clue that it needs to be cleansed.

simple crystal pendulum on a string. DIY pendulum
A crystal with a string makes a simple but beautiful DIY pendulum.

Then, ask it your question and see how it swings. You must be as detached from the answer as possible for a clear reading. This is where the practice comes in. Often when we ask a question, we might be in a situation where we feel some stress or anxiety. If you use the pendulum often enough, you can trigger the same calm in stressful situations as when you’re asking if you really want the coffee or chocolate ice cream, so practice! You can get more in-depth answers by using a pendulum board. There are many you can buy, but I’ve always just written my choices on some scrap paper and hover the pendulum over each thing until I get a “yes” for the right answer.

What Kind Should I Use?

What kind do you want? Pendulums can be as beautiful or fancy as you like, or as simple as a paperclip tied to a string. I have lots of crystals because they’re beautiful and I love the energy from them. You can also find metal or wooden ones. Or you can make your own. Here’re three that I use all the time:

crystal pendulum, silver pendulum, citrine pendulum, necklace pendulum

The first I bought in Sedona as it is. The second I made by putting a Krishna pendant on one end of a bracelet chain, and a Celtic knot on the other. The third is just a crystal pendant on a long chain that I can slip over my head and use any time.

rainbow chakra pendulum, chakra crystal generator, kyanite pendulum, rose quartz pendulum, clear quartz pendulum
Some pendulums I found online.

Above are some of my online treasures. The top left rainbow chakra pendulum came with a chakra generator. I use it for healing. Bottom left is blue kyanite with quartz, top right is from a bulk set of good quality tumbled quartz points, and the bottom right is a rose quartz with chakra accents. If you need something to help dispel negative energies, I suggest using black tourmaline. An added benefit of the tourmaline is that it never needs to be cleansed. Same goes for the kyanite.

How to be Discrete

One of the greatest benefits of pendulums is that they’re much more discrete than pulling out a crystal ball or a deck of tarot cards. How often do people fidget with their jewelry or play with some object when they’re concentrating? All the time. Wear one as a necklace on a long chain, or keep a simple one in your pocket, or use a paperclip on a string at work.

Eventually, you can learn to use your body. Stand or sit still, and be relaxed. Ask your question and feel the subtle direction your body is swaying.

Is there an area you want me to go into more depth? Let me know! Happy dowsing!

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