Easy Ways to do Everyday Magic

Easy Ways to do Everyday Magic

Long-haired girl casting a spell outside with a book of shadows, a wand, and a cauldron.
Sometimes it feels like magic is right at your fingertips, and sometimes you just aren’t feeling it.

Most people don’t perform ritual or cast spells every day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do magic every day! I have picked up a lot of little ways to do ‘micro magic,’ little bits of everyday magic that you can make part of your ordinary daily habits. Everyday magic is about creating little magickal habits that are part of your daily routine.

“I need to do magic every day HALP!”

I see many magickal practitioners start to freak out a little when they feel like they’ve lost momentum in their daily practice. First, I just want to assure you that it is perfectly natural for your enthusiasm for spell work to phase in and out. Sometimes all you can think about is making potions and rituals and connecting with deity and astrological correspondences and tarot and being the most magickal person EVER! And sometimes you feel like a complete muggle and you think you may have lost it.

Don’t panic.

This is totally normal, and if you’re just getting into a magickal practice, then these tips will help you get through the doldrums of magical life. And if you’ve been practicing for a while, there might be some new ideas for you to practice everyday magic!

You don’t have to do spells every day to make everyday magic!

1) Enchant your beverage.

This is a really, really simple one. It doesn’t matter if you’re drinking a glass of water or a cup of tea or coffee. All you have to do is form an intention. It can be something as simple as “focus” or “mindfulness,” and then visualize that intention going into your drink in any way that works best for you. I like visualizing a bubble (like a soap bubble) with my intention floating into the drink and then popping, releasing the intention into my water.

Cauldron mug with latte, coffee spice, and vegan chocolate doughnuts on a pumpkin plate.
Double double toil and trouble, I love this mug a latte! And my magically charged spice mix is a perfect compliment to a chocolate snack!

Another way to enchant your beverage is to use a special spoon that you’ve already enchanted to stir it. I like to drink out of a cauldron because it’s the coolest mug ever! Or, make a dedicated spice mix to sprinkle over your tea or coffee. Mine has cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom, picked for their flavor and magical properties. I love putting anise stars into my tea. The star-shaped pods look beautiful and magical, and I also get the protective and positive qualities of the spice in my drink! You can even enchant smoothies by using certain fruit for their magical properties.

Making a cup of coffee or tea is a little ritual by itself, and it doesn’t take much to add a bit of everyday magic.

2) Light a candle.

You don’t have to do a full spell. You can take any candle— a 7-day, a tea light, even a birthday candle— and light it. As you light it, think to yourself, “I am magical.” That’s it! It can really be that simple. Take a minute or two to reflect on the fact that you’re made of stardust, or that you believe in faeries, or that you can find meaning in something as simple as lighting a candle with intention and realize that you are magic.

3) Read your Book of Shadows.

Maybe you’re not in the mood to perform any kind of spell but you still want to connect with your practice. I wrote a blog about how your magical journal or Book of Shadows is the best magical book you’ll ever read. Well, take it out and read it! Look over pages you’re proud of or read about insights you had that you may have forgotten about. If you feel inspired, write about how you’re feeling now. You might not be in an active space in your practice, you might be in a more reflective mood, and this is a perfect activity for that.

4) Connect with your deities or guides if you have them.

If you have connections with deity, or even if you’re just working closely with one, take a minute to just say “hi” to them. Pull out a picture of them and say hello. If you have something to offer them, you can, but even just thinking of them favorably is really nice. How great does it feel when a friend sends a text just saying “hey, I was thinking about you”? You can carry a picture or representation of your deities in your wallet or on your phone, so they’re always nearby.

5) Wear Some Magic!

This might take a little preparation ahead of time, but if you have a piece of jewelry or a scented oil that you’ve already enchanted, then put it on! this is an easy way to practice everyday magic. Even wearing a piece of clothing that makes you feel more witchy can do the trick. For me, it’s my flower-printed Doc Martens or a little broomstick necklace that makes me feel like an instant witch. I also collect crystals and will pick one to carry in my pocket.

Crystal covered Book of Shadows with lavender essential oil, frankincense essential oil, and shea butter.
My homemade magical body butter.

You can also enchant some soap and use it in your shower to literally bathe in magic! Any soap will work, no matter how fancy or plain. Or, enchant some lotion. I made little pots of lavender and frankincense body butter that I wear when I need a boost.

6) Daily Divination

If you have a tarot or oracle deck, even if it’s on your phone and not a physical deck, then draw a card at the beginning or the end of the day. This also works for runes or Ogham sticks— whatever you use for divination. This is a great everyday magic habit to create!

Crystal ball, tarot cards, Ogham staves, and rune stones on a velvet cloth with a selenite crystal.
Draw a card, pull a rune, or cast some Ogham staves. What’s your favorite method of divination?

If you draw a card at the beginning of the day, keep it in mind as things come up and see how your situations relate to the card you drew. If you draw one at the end of the day, use it to reflect on what happened and see what insights the card gives you.

7) Take 5 Minutes for Yourself

Whether you meditate, do a quick Reiki session, or just sit quietly and check in with how you feel, take a few minutes for yourself. Sometimes we get busy and get tied up with how everyone and everything around us is doing and we forget to do the same for ourselves. This will make you feel drained and un-magical like nothing else, so take a few minutes for you. This is a good time to make that magical cup of tea or light that candle!

8) Be in Nature

Even if you live in an urban jungle, find some way to get some contact with nature. Get a house plant and decorate the pot. Make sure it has water. Look at its leaves or flowers and just notice it. Everyday magic is as simple as stopping to smell the roses.

Blythe standing on the beach at Achill Island, Ireland.
This is my happy place, on a beach in Ireland!

If you have a park, go for a walk. Pay attention to any birds or other animals you might see. Is it raining? Go stand in the rain! Yes, I’m serious! (But not in a thunderstorm because, you know, lightning.) Take your shoes off and put your toes in the grass, and if you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, sit and watch the ocean. Being in nature, even for a short time, can really recharge you and make you feel more connected. Try to do something with nature everyday for a magic recharge.

9) Connect with a Friend.

Even if you’re a solitary broom closet witch or a magician who practices completely in secret, chances are there are people online that you have some kind of connection to. Watch some videos from your favorite magickal YouTuber or read a blog (like this one!) Let yourself be inspired by someone else, or just know that you’re not alone in the world, no matter how isolated you may feel.

If you’re lucky enough to have real-life magical friends, then hang out with them! You don’t have to do magic, just reconnect.

Even if your best friend isn’t into magic, go hang out. Being around people you love is an excellent way to feel instantly magical!


Don’t pressure yourself. You just might be in a slump. It happens. If you try any of these things and you’re still just not feeling it, then acknowledge that and honor it. If something else is grabbing your attention, then do that instead. Sometimes you have to go off and explore new things and then come back with fresh perspective and understanding. I took a break from magick for a few years while I got deep into Vedic studies and connected with my Deities. When I was ready, I came back to my magickal practice with much deeper understanding and more enthusiasm and confidence than ever!

You don’t have to do spells every day to make everyday magic— you’re already magic, so don’t stress.



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5 thoughts on “Easy Ways to do Everyday Magic

  1. I came here from Reddit. This is a great post for people who are also very busy with their everyday lives and need to connect to their magickal selves throughout the day.

    1. Thank you! I love hearing that what I write is actually useful to people 🙂 And you’re right, these are just as good for busy witches!

  2. Followed the link from the Wonderlust Coven, this is amazing, something I will come back to again and again as a reminder for simple everyday magic. Thank you 🙂

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