Why Work with the Otherworld or Faery?

Why Work with the Otherworld or Faery?

Why would anyone want to work with Faery or the Otherworld? For me, the answer has always been, why wouldn’t you?

The Other World

I am using “Faery” as another name for the Otherworld— the realm of the Sídhe and the beings that we know from folklore and, for some of us, personal experience. While technically, the Sídhe are not faeries— they are actually more closely related to humans— it is easier to use these terms. I do so realizing that they are not the same. The Otherworld is a world that is closely connected to our physical reality, but people have been claiming it isn’t “real” and “doesn’t exist” for centuries. Those who believe in it have been called crazy and worse. But it is real.

Faery has always been a part of my experience, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. As a child, I was always looking in the roots of trees for David the Gnome and in the branches for dryads. Mermaids at the beach, dragons in the air, etc. Of course, when I was little, this just meant that I had a “rich imagination” and as I grew older, my parents started to get worried that maybe I was crazy. That’s when I stopped sharing my experiences, but I never stopped believing in a world beyond what we typically experience with our five mundane senses. I was stubborn in my knowledge that this connection I had to the natural world— both visible and invisible— and the beings that live there was very real. 

It was that stubbornness that allowed me to develop my relationship into something deeper. In a muggle sense, I channeled this love of nature into science— biology, and ecology. These were culturally accepted ways of “connecting,” but every time I was in the field, I was aware of the Otherworld and the magic of nature. Science was my Otherworld ninja disguise! But eventually, I dropped the pretense and stopped caring as much what others think. I started to study the Otherworld openly. This made me look like a scholar, and I am, but really I was on a spiritual mission. There was something deeper there. I had to find my truth.

fairy house surrounded by offerings to the faeries in Derrynane, Ireland
Here is an actual Fairy House that was on a fairy walk in the woods. You can see some of the offerings people have left— shells, stones, pretty flowers, and even the house itself! This is a fun way of acknowledging the presence of faeries, and opening a friendly connection. Although faeries come in all sizes and some can be quite large, it’s the intention behind the house, not the house itself, that matters.

The Otherworld and my Spiritual Path

Connecting with faeries, and with the Sídhe, has been part of my spiritual awakening. It taught me that there is way more beyond what we perceive to be “real.” It taught me to think beyond myself, to be humble, and to be wise. Working with Otherworld beings is not always rainbows and unicorns, and while I do have guides and allies to protect me from harm, it still pays to be street-smart. Some faeries are not friendly. But my experiences have been overwhelmingly positive, especially with the Sídhe. Most of the monsters I’ve had to face have been my own shadows.

I’ve learned to approach nature with respect, to ask for permission instead of taking. I’ve learned to create safe boundaries for myself, while also allowing for the expansion of my heart and soul. It has helped me to be in relationships and understand how to be there for another being, and what to ask for in return. Relationships require both sides to put in the effort and the Sídhe demand honesty and integrity. Connecting with faeries also helps you to connect to yourself and see past your own illusions.

When I was ready to explore my personal relationship to the Divine, I asked the Sídhe for help. Specifically, I asked The Morrígan. And she delivered! She led me to my spiritual path which was in a surprising direction. Then years later, she brought me around full circle to show me how it all connected. How my path was both Celtic (the raven) and Vedic (the lotus) and how all of it was part of my being. 

When I work with the Faery realm, I make my daily life better. It encourages me to bring the spiritual into the mundane. The Sídhe add richness and depth to the lessons that I’ve learned from my Vedic spiritual path. They have helped me to grow and accept my nature. The Sídhe listen when I want to talk about my deities, Radha and Krishna, and join me when I sing and dance. They offer their own insights, assist me in ritual, and have become family on a soul level. They helped me find my partner and give me encouragement and support through hard times. I can no longer imagine my life without them in it.

desert sunrise mountains solitude liminal space
“In between” spaces and times are ideal for feeling the connection with the Otherworld and the Faery realms. Like, a desert hill at sunrise.

Why Work with Faery and The Otherworld?

When you start to awaken to your personal spiritual truth, it’s easy to feel alone. You lose friends. You develop interests that people around you don’t understand and can’t always relate to. It can feel isolating. But, if you are open to other beings and experiences, then suddenly your “tribe” comes to you. And you will meet other people in time who “get it” too. 

Why work with the Otherworld? Do it to expand your sense of self. Work with Faery to heal, and to protect the natural world. Use this knowledge to develop connection and compassion. Expand your heart and see what comes to you. But if you do so, be humble. Be ready to learn and work hard. Face your fears with courage and determination, ask for help, and reciprocate with kindness and honesty. The Otherworld does not exist to serve us, so don’t treat it that way. Ask what you can offer.

If you feel called to explore the Otherworld, then check out my blog posts on Celtic Mythology Resources: Part 1 and Part 2! And please share with me how Faery has affected your life! 

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