Some Expectations and Red Flags about Sídhe Sources

Some Expectations and Red Flags about Sídhe Sources

There are a few things I’d like to clear up:

Many sidhe sources exist for harmful and problematic, terrible (and cringe) information. They don’t take into account centuries of lived experience from folklore. They ignore native cultural experiences, taking what they want how they want it (cultural appropriation.) They bully people into not being “positive” or even “pure” enough to interact with Fairy. (This is a HUGE red flag.) They put forth the idea that all of Fairy is positive, loving, wants to help humanity, and is there to grant wishes.

These “sources” may appear harmless or just naive at worst, but the damage they cause is insidious. Most people who come to this want genuine connection, or at the very least, accurate information. Instead, they’re met with grand sweeping judgments of Fairy that are way outside of centuries of knowledge. They find people who claim to “speak for” the Sídhe.

Some people have had bad experiences and are seeking help. They are often met with derision for being “negative.” Some people have close and personal relationships and are afraid to be open about them. They also need supporting information and shared experiences viewed through objectivity, clarity, mentally sound practices, and belief. Not just wishful thinking and desire.

I see many ego-driven “experts” plagiarizing others’ work and passing it off as their own. The only thing this serves is their inflated sense of self. The effect is, “I’m the expert, I’m the ‘voice’ of the Sídhe, and you must come through me to access these blessings.” This makes my skin crawl.

What you’ll find here:

I’ve said before that I’m not comfortable using the word “channel” to describe when I speak with Tadhg. When I use it, it comes with heavy disclaimers. I have conversations with Tadhg, and occasionally he will ask me to share parts of those conversations. I do not speak for him, and neither of us speaks for all of the Fae. I talk and transcribe, and it is a collaborative effort.

I am unique because my service with Fairy is to be open and approachable about my relationship. Most people who have similar experiences are told to keep quiet about it— for their own safety. This is also something I didn’t necessarily want to do. This is very private, and I’m exposing a part of me that is sacred and vulnerable to people who would tear it down or call me crazy. But I am protected and in a position to be open where others aren’t, so I’m happy to do it.

I will never tell anyone that the way to connect with the Otherworld is through me. Ever. I will, however, direct you to helpful sources that are safe, respectful, and don’t gloss over the dangers and the deep work involved. Because it is NOT all glitter and wishes. Not all fairies are kind. Tadhg is one of the most patient and compassionate beings (of any kind) that I’ve ever met, but he is also a warrior, and I’ve seen him take off after a threat. It’s not pretty. The Sídhe are not harmless.

Blythe wearing sunglasses and sitting in the Elf Park in Reykjavik, Iceland.
This is me. Sitting in the Elf Park in Reykjavik, Iceland.

I am not a “love and light, good vibes only” person. That is toxic. I find the light in the shadows. The energy and beings I work with are deadly serious. They also have a sense of humor and know when to take things lightly. Balance is important. But I don’t ignore the ugly side of things, even when searching for the good.

When Tadhg speaks about something he wants me to share, he does so with kindness and sensitivity. This is not to be confused with “fairies are light angels who all want to help humans, yay!” He has incomprehensible years of experience dealing with humans, excellent diplomacy skills, and is relatively unbothered by things that would be deeply offensive to many other fae. He is an exception, and I can’t stress that enough.

Sidhe Sources Red Flags to look out for:

If someone is claiming to be “the voice” for any being, be wary. I provide space here for Tadhg and occasionally a few others to share their voice. None of us speak for the whole.

If someone is shaming people for having experiences that are different from theirs, or claiming that their kind of experience is the only valid kind, run. Fairy is vast and varied, as are the range of experiences possible.

If someone gets offended or insulted when you question them and their sources (politely,) that is bad. BAD! I welcome people asking my sources. The sidhe sources I’m most likely to share are by people who constantly question themselves and accept new information. You can be an expert in something and still not know everything. Fake experts get offended and shame you for questioning them.

On the other hand, if you ask me for accurate information, and I give it to you with sources, and you get upset that the answer isn’t what you wanted it to be and respond with insults, that’s on you.

If someone is called out for a mistake or bad/harmful sources and doubles down instead of growing and learning from the experience, ask yourself if that’s the kind of person you want to call “self-aware.” This blog has been up since 2017. I have changed A LOT since I started it, which is reflected in my posts. I’ve gone back and rewritten and corrected posts when I’ve found the better information. I’ve left up some things as a record of this growth, other things I will take down as I feel they aren’t helpful or representative anymore. I make mistakes, but I try to be better for them. I also allow myself space to grow and learn.

Side note (or Bottom message):

Someone in a group is writing “channeled messages” from a Sídhe being with a name oddly similar to Tadhg’s. I do not want to be mistaken for this person for many reasons. I post under The Raven and The Lotus on this blog, sharing links on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr with the same name. I also share links from my personal Facebook page, and I do not run a separate group. If a blog post reappears in another space without a direct link back to this site, it has been stolen. That information was also stolen if all or part of my posts has been copied/pasted into a group without a link to this site. All photos, unless otherwise credited, are my own.

4 thoughts on “Some Expectations and Red Flags about Sídhe Sources

  1. Your insights are very valuable. Your honesty and courage – to be admired. I found myself trotting on a similar path since long, long ago. You are doing such great service. GRMMA!

  2. I just found this blog from a Fb group! I really enjoy reading about your experiences. I’m going to take a trip to see Iceland in Jan! I feel so drawn there. It’ll be my first trip abroad, ever. ☺️

    1. Oh wow Iceland is amazing! Have fun! Check out Hellisgerdi in Hafnarfjordur just south of Reykjavik. The people are really cool, but it might take some of them a bit to warm up. I’d love to see it in the winter!

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