That’s What Sídhe Said: Coronavirus

That’s What Sídhe Said: Coronavirus

For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been prodded to do something new. A little while back, The Morrigan, Badb, and Macha grabbed my attention early one morning when I couldn’t sleep. I’d been getting annoyed by some of the representations of the Sídhe I come across. They asked me to create a space on this blog where the Sídhe could have their own voice. So, I’m creating a series specifically for when they have something to say more directly. They thought the name, “That’s What Sídhe Said” was funny, so that’s what we’re calling this! They do have a sense of humor!

Now, I know my lore. This series is not a series based on Sídhe lore. In fact, much of what will be here will be in direct contradiction to much of the lore and is based on my own personal experiences and conversations with my Sídhe family. (If you’re confused about that, please read my “Awakening” series.) If you want more of the lore, check out this post on Irish mythology resources.

Below are the words of Tadhg, my Sídhe partner, regarding Covid-19 and his thoughts on these events:  

Blythe: Tadhg, this coronavirus has everyone scared and confused. What are your thoughts on this?

Tadhg: Well, this is a complicated situation. This virus is a global event of mass transformation and change, a karmic event as you understand it. As with all upheaval changes, it will be frightening and painful. This is like a global release of social traumas across countries and cultures. In the end, it shows how deeply connected everyone truly is. This looks like it could become a long-term situation with other situations that arise from it. In a sense, it is “apocalyptic” in that the world will be forever changed for it. But it is not truly the end.

desert sunrise mountains solitude liminal space
Look to the beautiful things to keep your heart strong. 

You know from talking with us that we have been concerned about humanity’s behavior of extreme individuality. The “me first” attitude, as you say. You can see some of this in effect now as people hoard resources that are meant for all. This causes more panic and fear and helps no one.

It would be better to take care of each other, share resources, and do what you can to protect those who are most vulnerable. Although everything seems terrifying, it’s important to keep your spirits high in times like this and remember to show love and compassion as often as possible. You are seeing evidence of this where people are coming together in ways that don’t involve direct contact to show support for each other. This is so important right now. The world that comes about from this will need those qualities of community and compassion.

This is also a time of forced reflection. When you can’t do the work you normally do or have all of the distractions you usually have, you have time to go inward and work on yourself. [As he said this, I saw an image of The Hermit tarot card in my mind.] Take this opportunity to examine yourselves and heal— not just on a physical level. There is great suffering right now, but this suffering can allow for growth on all levels if one is open to change.

The Hermit card from Tarot Deck of the Sídhe on a Newgrange triple spiral
The Hermit is a time for introspection and spiritual knowledge. Go within.

Be cautious and as prepared as you can be. It’s natural to be afraid but do not give in to fear. Keep hope for yourself and those around you. If you are well, you can be a source of hope and strength for those who are not. And if you are not well, then lean on those who are and ask for help. This is not just a physical virus, it is having deep effects on peoples’ psyches. Ask for help from your spiritual path as well as your community. 

Don’t forget to breathe. Stop where you are and take several deep, full breaths to settle your nervous system. Do this as often as you feel the stress of the situation and you will find you can handle more than you would believe. 

*One of the things Tadhg taught me early on in our communications was how important it was to take a minute several times a day to just breathe. Don’t worry about anything else but breathing deeply for just a minute. The effect this has had on my daily life and minimizing stress levels is nothing short of miraculous. 

Everyone is capable of energy healing to some degree. Take a minute and feel love and health flowing out to those in need. Collectively, this has an immense impact. Do not feel that you are powerless. You are not. 

Blythe: I’ve heard you say many times that humans are more powerful than they realize.

Yes! They are! And the problem with that is that humans tend to not understand their great power, so it is easily and often misused. You see the Sídhe as powerful beings with god-like magical abilities. The truth is, humans are equal to us but haven’t learned how to temper their destructive capacities. They have separated themselves and denied parts of themselves that can’t be seen or measured with physical instruments. This is detrimental. But, humans have great power within themselves for wisdom, compassion, and transcendental change. That is why some of the Sídhe refuse to give up on working side-by-side with you. We learn from you as well. We would see humanity heal itself. 

These are especially difficult times of isolation, but none of you are alone. You can still be there for each other, even if it is energetically. This is very powerful and should not be underestimated. Remain hopeful, and be willing to do the work on yourselves and for others. This is a time to see how you are connected, not how you are different and divided. 

Stay Hopeful

Tadhg and I hope this post finds you well and strong, and that it brings you some reassurance in uncertain times. There is serious work ahead for all of us. But we are not alone. We are connected even amidst our seeming isolation. 

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  1. Hi Blythe,
    Thanks for sharing this conversation you had with Tadhg. Useful insight and common sense. I love reading your posts.

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